Natural Matcha tea powder
Natural Matcha tea powder
Natural Matcha tea powder
Natural Matcha tea powder

Natural Matcha tea powder

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Authentic ceremonial quality organic Matcha tea powder, brought from Japan. A powerful antioxidant that provides energy, accelerates metabolism and improves concentration and general well-being.

  • Of ceremonial quality (Ceremonial Grade)
  • Made with the best green tea leaves
  • No added sugars or sweeteners

80g zip bag

Keto Keto
Paleo Paleo
Lactose free Lactose free
Dairy free Dairy free
Vegan Vegan
Vegetarian Vegetarian
Our Matcha Tea The conventional "Matcha"
Ceremonial Quality (CG)  It’s not of the highest purity and quality
 Brought from Japan   It can be from anywhere in the world

The authentic: there is no other like it.

Surely you have seen the word Matcha everywhere, but let us tell you that not everything is really Matcha. Authentic Matcha tea is made only from the finest green tea leaves, following ancient Japanese cultivation methods, which are considered the most complicated in the world.

How is our Matcha.

Matcha tea is part of the green tea plant grown in the most primitive areas of Japan, far from pollution and pollution. To ensure that its leaves concentrate the maximum number of nutrients and all its intense flavour, it’s cultivated in an ecological way without insecticides or pesticides and protecting its leaves from direct sunlight.

After selecting the best green tea leaves for the elaboration of Matcha, the harvest is passed through a steam bath and crushed with stone mills until obtaining a fine powder of an intense green colour and a very characteristic aroma, which is the dream of any tea lover.

Only the best Matcha tea crops in Japan achieve the Ceremonial Grade certification, which guarantees that the tea you are consuming is of such a high quality as to be used in the mysterious Japanese tea ceremony, an institution with more than 750 years of history.

Its multiple benefits.

Matcha tea has been part of Eastern preventive medicine for centuries, and has been consistently associated with the longevity and vitality of the Japanese population. Among its benefits, you’ll love to know that:

  • It’s ideal in weight control diets
  • Helps with concentration and relaxation
  • Doesn’t produce sleep or feeling tired
  • It’s energetic and accelerates the metabolism
  • It’s not exciting or produces nervousness like coffee
  • Contains 137 times more antioxidants than green tea
  • It’s high in fibre and chlorophyll
  • Helps with water retention/fluid retention
  • It’s high in catechins with antibiotic properties
  • Contributes to the general well-being of the body

Although Matcha tea has been used for centuries to make the traditional drink that we will share with you, we have also wanted to leave you here with two of our favourite drinks that you can enjoy both hot and cold.

The most traditional Matcha tea

To make it, you just have to mix a teaspoon of our Matcha tea powder with hot water (around 80ºC) and stir your drink. It has an intense and pleasant flavour to which you can add a few drops of stevia, a little honey or a splash of milk or plant-based milk, if you are from sweeter drinks. In summer, you can add ice to enjoy it very cold.

Protein Matcha Latte

This is our favourite version and one of the drinks that we like the most in the afternoon. It’s high in protein, it doesn’t have added sugars and you can totally personalize it as you wish. The Protein Matcha Latte base contains:

  • 1 glass of milk or plant-based milk
  • 1 scoop of Lean Protein or Vegan Protein vanilla
  • 1 teaspoon of our Matcha tea powder

You can personalize it with: cocoa powder, peanut or nut butter, roasted sesame, Greek yogurt, coconut milk, cinnamon powder, citrus fruits like lemon or orange, vanilla essence or fruits like banana, red fruits or peach.

How does Matcha Body Genius tea differ from other “matcha” products?

Matcha is an unregulated term that can be applied to any product that contains green tea leaves or green tea aroma. Our Matcha tea is the authentic ancestral tea brought from Japan, cultivated in an ecological way and following the Ceremonial Grade standards.

What's the difference between consuming Matcha powder or leaf?

Verdecha Matcha tea is consumed as a powder, although many brands call their green tea leaves Matcha to give more value to their product. With our Matcha tea powder you will be consuming all the green tea leaf, so its antioxidant power is 132 times more powerful than that of a conventional green tea.

What does Matcha tea taste like?

Its flavour is equal to that of green tea, but with nuances that make it unique. Thanks to its elaborate and demanding cultivation process, its flavour and aroma are especially pleasant.

Does Matcha tea make you nervous?

Unlike! Unlike coffee, Matcha tea is high in l-theanine that works in the body providing energy and promoting levels of well-being and concentration without altering the nervous system. Matcha tea is often recommended in times of stress or in people with difficulty concentrating during study periods.

Can I consume Matcha tea at night?

We recommend consuming it at least 4 hours before going to sleep so that it doesn’t interfere with the normal sleep cycle.

Can I use Matcha tea in desserts?

Of course! There are many sweets and desserts based on Matcha tea and its flavour is great mixed with vanilla or chocolate. We love to mix it in any recipe that has a lot of cocoa, they are a winning combination!

Ingredients: organic Matcha tea powder.

May contain traces of egg, peanut, nuts, soy, milk, sulphites, sesame, gluten and lupin bean.

Nutritional information per 100g (average values)

  • Energy value: 1528kJ (362kcal)
  • Fats: 2.5g of which saturated: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 37g of which sugars: 0g
  • Dietary fibre: 7.3g
  • Proteins: 24.6g
  • Caffeine: 1.24g
12 Reviews

Llevo un año tomando té matcha y este es de los más ricos que he probado y con mis poquita cantidad tienes para una taza. Recomiendo el matcha latte, está buenísimo.

Muy bueno
Muy buena calidad y sabor muy bueno. La versión de protein matcha latte con proteína de vainilla me ha enamorado está buenísimo

Buenísimo para amantes del té
Es 100% te matcha, se nota la calidad en cada sorbo que das, muy bien

igual que en Japón
A mi me encanta. Se lo di a probar a mi amiga Yuko que es japonesa y me dijo que es el mejor te matcha que ha probado desde que está aquí. Ahora también os compra ella.

Más energía
Siento que me da más energía y estoy menos estresada

Rindo más en época de estudio si lo tomo, lo tengo comprobado. lo recomiendo a estudiantes sin duda!

Pérdida de peso y menos cansancio
Lo uso para ayudar a acelerar el metabolismo. Me da energía y me siento más activa, menos cansada

bebida saludable
me aficioné al matcha desde hace años y este es de los mejores que he probado de calidad y efectos, da mucha serenidad y ayuda a la cocentración

Muy intenso
Me ha gustado pero hay que poner muy poco, si me paso me parece demasiado intenso!

El mejor que he probado
Muy bueno! Solía comprar el de mercado, que es mucho más económico, pero me animé a probar este porque todo lo que pruebo de esta marca me parece muy bueno. Para resumirlo: no podré volver al de mercadona jamás jaja

Me da mucha energía pero sin ponerme nervioso, con la universidad me ha ayudado mucho la verdad

Soy japonesa
Soy japonesa, nacida en Kyoto y viviendo en España desde hace 3 años. Este es de los mejores Matcha que he probado en España, se nota claramente por el color y el olor nada más abrirlo.
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