Sugar-free Portein Muesli
Sugar-free Portein Muesli
Sugar-free Portein Muesli
Sugar-free Portein Muesli
Sugar-free Portein Muesli
Sugar-free Portein Muesli
Sugar-free Portein Muesli
Sugar-free Portein Muesli

Sugar-free Portein Muesli

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Protein Muesli is very high in protein, without sugars or sweeteners and made only with natural ingredients. A balanced and nutritional breakfast to start the day without complications.

  • High in protein
  • High in fibre
  • Realfood ingredients.
  • Without sugars or sweeteners
  • Vegan

Recycled package of 400 g

Keto Keto
Lactose free Lactose free
Dairy free Dairy free
Vegan Vegan
Vegetarian Vegetarian
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Why to choose it?

The comparisons are hateful
Protein Muesli Traditional everyday muesli
 Quick and tasty breakfast  Quick and tasty breakfast
  47 g of top-quality protein  Without any nutritional contribution
 Without added sugars or sweeteners  Added sugar bomb
 Perfect way to start the day  It’s more like a sweet than a breakfast
We like being transparent because less is more

Toasted soy flakes (50%), soy protein isolate (28%), cacao paste (14%), dehydrated coconut flakes (2%), toasted almonds (2%), dehydrated apple (1.7%), lyophilised raspberry (1.2%) and lyophilised strawberry (1.2%).

47 g of protein for every 100 g. Incredible!

Protein Muesli is made with crunchy toasted soy flakes and soy protein isolate, with which we have ensured your breakfast contains 24 g of the best quality protein (in a breakfast of 50 g of Protein Muesli). Up to three times more protein than in a traditional breakfast!

0% added sugars, 100% realfood ingredients.

Made with natural ingredients: toasted soy flakes, soy protein, cacao, coconut, almond, apple, raspberry and strawberry. Nothing else.

Protein Muesli does not contain any type of added sugar or sweetener. Or additives or preservatives. Just as you would make it at home!

A complete breakfast and ready in 1 minute.

If you thought that to make a healthy and complete breakfast you need to get up at daybreak, you’ll be pleased to know it’s not the case! At Body Genius we know how to ensure that enjoying a great taste and top-class nutritional values are not incompatible, which is why we have attained the quickest and simplest breakfast without giving up everything we like. 

Protein Muesli is rich in fibre and protein, which fills you up all morning, as well as speeding up the metabolism and reducing the storage of fats.

And its taste? Made with crunchy toasted soy flakes and soy protein covered with authentic pure cacao, as well as hazelnuts and dehydrated fruit, for a surprising contrast of flavours.

Mix of soy flakes, soy protein, lyophilised and dehydrated fruit, coconut, almond and cocoa. WITHOUT ADDED SUGARS.
 Toasted soy flakes (50%), soy protein isolate (28%), cacao paste (14%), dehydrated coconut flakes (2%), toasted almonds (2%), dehydrated apple (1.7%), lyophilised raspberry (1.2%) and lyophilised strawberry (1.2%).

May contain traces of egg, peanut, nuts, soy, milk, sesame, gluten and lupin bean.

Nutritional information per 100g (average values)
Energy value 1588 kJ (380 kcal)
Fats 22,5 g (of which saturated: 13,6 g)
Carbohydrates       11 g (of which sugars *: 0,5 g)
Fibre 9,5 g
Proteins 47 g
Salt 0,8 g

*contains naturally present sugars.

Use Protein Muesli just as you would conventional muesli. The most common and simplest ways of eating it are:

  • On top of yoghurt. Better if it is Greek and sugar-free, for an extra dose of protein and healthy fats.
  • With milk or any veggie drink, to give it a sweeter touch.
  • Mixed with fruit, to give it a crunchy touch.

Also, keep trying new options! Use it in baking to make biscuits, energy bars, cakes, etc., in smoothies or even in salads.

FAQs Don’t hesitate to ask

Cortisol levels vary throughout the day in a cyclical pattern, coinciding with high levels in the morning. At this time of day, cortisol stimulates the liver to increase the amount of glucose in the blood and is involved in converting macronutrients, such as protein, into usable energy. In this way, our protein muesli will give you all the energy and satiety you need to start the day off right.

Many conventional cereals or mueslis in the most part contain low-quality carbohydrates, as well as added sugars, so their nutritional value is very poor in comparison with our Protein Muesli, very rich in fibre and protein, as well as other vitamins and minerals.

For breakfast, we recommend mixing it with yogurt, milk or veggie drink for a delicious and complete meal. Although you can also have it as a snack to fill a corner between meals.

We use toasted soy flakes and soy protein isolate, a vegetable protein of high energetic value and rich in essential and non-essential amino acids.

Of course! Protein Muesli is a complete breakfast that will fill you up and give you energy, as well as other benefits such as a high fibre content, which helps your intestinal well-being. If you like, you can add other toppings so that breakfast is more complete and different every day.

Naturally. You don’t have to have it just for breakfast. With Protein Muesli you’ll have a rich and complete snack. You can also have it at night if you want, since its ingredients are easy to digest and contain nutrients such as tryptophan that will make you feel good and help you sleep better.

OPINIONES Y tú, ¿qué opinas?
Muy rico y saludable
Me lo echo en el yogur y es otra historia, mucho mejor que la granola que solo lleva jarabes y azucares. Sabe natural (ojo, no es tan dulce como las granolas industriales, pero si endulzas tu yogur con edulcorante eso ya lo endulza) y es super crujiente, cosa que me fascina!
sencillamente increible
Soy fan del muesli y siempre pensaba que era lo mas sano del mundo... pero cuando empece a comer sano y a leer los ingredientes de lo que compraba me di cuenta que era todo azucar y porquerias!! Esta es la primera vez que compro muesli en mas de 5 años y ademas me ha encantado, menos dulce que los industriales pero sin toda la porqueria que le echan, en este los ingredientes son un 10, buenisimo
Brillante y buenisimo
Me ha enamorado desde la primera cucharada, una maravilla lo crujientito que es y el sabor que tiene, y lo mejor los ingredientes!!
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