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Protein Porridge
Protein Porridge
Protein Porridge
Protein Porridge
Protein Porridge

Protein Porridge

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Protein Porridge is an oatmeal and soy mix without added sugar that is ready in just 1 minute. Enjoy the quickest and most complete breakfast ever.

  • High in protein
  • Natural ingredients 
  • Creamy texture
  • Without added sugar
  • Complete breakfast

Recycled package of 450 g

Gluten free Gluten free
Lactose free Lactose free
Vegetarian Vegetarian

Why choose it?

Protein Porridge Conventional cereals
 Complete and balanced breakfast  Industrial ultra-processed 
 Natural ingredients and flavours  Low quality ingredients
 Without added sugars  Added sugar bomb

Start the day with all the nutrients.

We want you to start every day feeling good, which is why we have made the best breakfast you could imagine become a reality. Protein Porridge is made with oatmeal and soy high in fibre, protein and antioxidants. These ingredients make it a filling breakfast and a complete source of protein. Perfect for starting the day with the batteries charged up. Moreover, our porridge mix takes care of your cardiovascular health, is easily digested and will help your intestinal flow.  Add peanut butter for an even more complete breakfast!

Choose it for the ingredients, love it for its taste.

This breakfast contains healthy cereals, complete sources of protein and no added sugar. However, we do not accept that a breakfast is healthy for it to be perfect. That’s why we have achieved something even better than its ingredients: its flavour!

Available in 3 delicious flavours:

1. Chocolate: with dark chocolate drops without sugar

2. Apple and cinnamon: with bits of lyophilised apple and cinnamon

3. Berries: with bits of authentic lyophilised strawberry 

A rich and healthy breakfast or five more minutes? 

Both of them! Yes, this answer is possible at last. Discover oatmeal and soy as it has never been known before. Ready in 1 minute, this breakfast is just so simple:

1. Mix in a bowl 50 g of the mixture + 120 ml of water, milk or veggie drink.

2. Place in the microwave and cook at maximum power for 30 seconds.

3. Open the microwave and stir.

4. Cook for another 30 seconds and it’s ready!

Other ways to prepare it:

  • Cold, even with a cold drink.
  • Cooked in a pan, as you would prepare an usual porridge.
  • Baked, in 10 minutes and it always comes out with a crunchy layer.

100% recycled PET packaging. 

The iconic Body Genius packaging is now made with 100% recycled PET. This material forms part of the circular economy model and is made without the use of new raw materials, but with purified materials that are more sustainable for the planet. Its transformation is highly efficient, because it consumes less energy and produces less CO2 emissions than the transformation of glass.

Reuse it or recycle it. 

The Body Genius packages are too pretty to throw away. We want you to give them a second life at home! By reusing them, you will be closing the cycle of their materials. Our packages are great for keeping food in the larder, homemade soups in the fridge or storing office material.

If you are not considering reusing it, remember to leave it in the yellow container to recycle it again.

What is oatmeal or porridge?

Who hasn’t seen this popular breakfast on the social media? Oatmeal, also known as porridge, is a traditional breakfast originating from the United Kingdom made from oatmeal boiled in milk. The popularised healthy version is usually made with oatmeal flakes or flour, milk or veggie drink, without any added sugar and with toppings here, there and everywhere to make it delicious and healthy.

What differentiates the Protein Porridge Body Genius from other breakfast cereals?

The dilemma: the majority of conventional breakfast cereals from the supermarket are made from sugar and refined flours, but the healthy alternatives are boring and tasteless. In contrast, Protein Porridge is a healthy option that is also tasty and very easy to make.

Do I have to add anything to the oatmeal made with Protein Porridge?

The Protein Porridge mix is prepared so that you don’t have to add anything else. Just mix it with milk or veggie drink and it’s ready. The result, tasty oatmeal and soy and delicious in three flavours to choose from. However, if you fancy, you can add as many toppings as you wish and enjoy the combinations of different flavours.

What type of protein have you used to make Protein Porridge?

We use soy flakes and our protein of whey isolate, produced from the CFM process, the only one in the world that does not denaturalise the protein and manages to conserve all its nutrients and essential amino acids intact. 

Can I have oatmeal and soy for breakfast every day?

Of course! The oatmeal and soy made with Protein Porridge is the complete breakfast that will fill you up and give you energy, as well as other benefits such as a high content in fibre, minerals and vitamins or protection of your cardiovascular system. If you like, you can add toppings so that the breakfast is more complete and different every day.

Can I eat Protein Porridge at any time of the day?

Naturally. You don’t have to eat it just for breakfast. With Protein Porridge you’ll have a delicious and complete afternoon snack. You can also eat it at night if you like, since its ingredients are easily digestible and contain nutrients such as tryptophan which will help you feel good and may help you sleep better.

Ingredients chocolate flavour: Oatmeal flakes (33%), Toasted soy flakes (25%), whey (whey insulate and lecithin of soy) (16%), Oatmeal flour (10%), powdered cacao (6.3%), dark chocolate chips with sweetener (3.4%) [sweetener (maltitol), cacao paste, emulsifier (lecithin of soy), defatted powdered cacao, vanilla aroma, cacao: 49% minimum], Toasted chopped almond (3.3%), oligofructose (origin: beetroot), aromas, marine salt and sweeteners (sucralose and steviol glucosides).

Ingredients apple & cinnamon flavour: Oatmeal flakes (33%), Toasted soy flakes (25%), whey (whey insulate and lecithin of soy) (18%), Oatmeal flour (10%), oligofructose (origin: beetroot), Toasted chopped almond (4%), dehydrated apple (1.7%) (dehydrated apple, preservative (Sulphites)), powdered cinnamon (1%), acidulant (citric acid), aroma and sweeteners (sucralose and steviol glucosides).

Ingredients berries flavour: Oatmeal flakes (33%), Toasted soy flakes (25%), whey (whey insulate and lecithin of soy) (18%), Oatmeal flour (10%), oligofructose (origin: beetroot), Toasted chopped almond (3.3%), pieces of lyophilised raspberry (2.5%), pieces of lyophilised strawberry (1.7%), acidulant (citric acid), aroma and sweeteners (sucralose and steviol glucosides).

May contain traces of egg, peanut, nuts, sesame and lupin bean.

1 Reviews

Desayuno rápido y buenísimo
Como todo lo que hace mybodygenius, de 10. He probado las 3 y están buenísimas. Mi orden sería: chocolate, manzana y canela y frutos rojos. Los he probado también con queso batido, en vez de leche y quedan muy cremositas y ricas! Junto con las cremas de frutos secos que ellos recomiendan, brutal! También he hecho muesli con ellas y genial.
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