Sugar-free Complete Vegan Protein
Sugar-free Complete Vegan Protein
Sugar-free Complete Vegan Protein
Sugar-free Complete Vegan Protein

Sugar-free Complete Vegan Protein

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 A plant-based and sustainable protein shake made from white peas. Designed to take daily or when you need it most. To drink after training or to use in desserts and high protein home recipes.

  • Vegan, sustainable and free of added sugars
  • Made with protein isolated white peas
  • Low in calories, fats and carbohydrates
  • Easy digestion and maximum use of nutrients
  • Naturally contains all amino acids
  • Naturally gluten and lactose free

340g reusable container (with dispenser)

Keto Keto
Lactose free Lactose free
Dairy free Dairy free
Vegan Vegan
Vegetarian Vegetarian

What makes it different?

Our vegan protein Otras proteínas veganas
Made from white peas, a complete source of protein  Made with other sources of protein with a lack of amino acids
 Altamente sostenible, nuestra proteína de guisante se produce utilizando un 90% menos de agua y suelo*  Low quality raw materials, fruit of intensive and unsustainable agriculture
 Without any added sugar It usually contains added sugars
 Good dissolution thanks to its extra fine powder that prevents from getting a sandy/gritty texture  Poor dissolution, gritty texture and lumps in the smoothie
 High assimilation of nutrients and easy digestion thanks to the purity and quality of its raw materials  Low assimilation of nutrients and heavy and difficult digestions due to its low purity

The sustainable protein based on innovation.

We make our vegetable protein Vegan Protein from white peas considered a complete protein because, unlike soy or rice, they contain all the essential amino acids the body needs. To make it, 90% less water, soil and resources are used than milk protein, making it a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly food.

  • Flavours and dissolution that really appeal
  • Maximum use of nutrients
  • Plant-based, sustainable and healthy formula
  • Contains the 9 essential amino acids

Scandalous Nutritional values .

Did you know that the protein extracted from white peas contains 4 times more l-arginine than milk? It’s naturally present and is ideal for strengthening the immune system, especially in people who do some physical activity.

  • Only 82 calories per shake
  • Contains 16g of protein
  • Only 2.1g of fats and carbohydrates

If you do any physical activity, it’s recommended to increase the protein intake of your diet in order to take care of your muscles after subjecting them to great stress. Our Vegan Protein Shake is a complete protein source with all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals your body needs to recover.

A protein that adapts to you.

Our Vegan Protein is ideal if you are on a vegan diet but also if you are looking to add a complete source of protein to your diet in a practical, easy and delicious way. It’s ideal to drink as a smoothie or to use as an ingredient in your recipes to make them high in protein.

You can use Vegan Protein mixed with water or plant-based milk at any time of the day or to recover after training, thanks to its protein content it’s ideal for after physical exertion. You can also substitute part of the flour in your desserts and homemade recipes for Vegan Protein to turn them into protein sweets.

Vanilla, banana and almond protein shake.

This is one of our favourite recipes, ideal as a breakfast or snack to recover after your workout. It’s very satisfying, sweet and sweet, but it doesn’t contain any added sugar and you can customize it to your liking.

To do this you will need:

  • 2 scoops of Vegan Protein Vanilla flavour
  • 250ml of plant-based milk
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 tablespoon of Almond Butter
  • ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder

You just have to mix all the ingredients in your blender until you have a creamy and delicious drink to enjoy. We recommend taking it immediately, you will love it freshly made!

A few extra tips.

1. If you don't like vanilla, this recipe is just as good with the Chocolate flavour of our Vegan Protein. Get creative!

2. Use a frozen summer banana to make the super-cool, ultra-creamy smoothie. Store the peeled and chopped bananas in a bag in the freezer for when you need them.

100% recycled PET packaging. 

The iconic Body Genius packaging is now made with 100% recycled PET. This material forms part of the circular economy model and is made without the use of new raw materials, but with purified materials that are more sustainable for the planet. Its transformation is highly efficient, because it consumes less energy and produces less CO2 emissions than the transformation of glass.

Reuse it or recycle it. 

The Body Genius packages are too pretty to throw away. We want you to give them a second life at home! By reusing them, you will be closing the cycle of their materials. Our packages are great for keeping food in the larder, homemade soups in the fridge or storing office material.

If you are not considering reusing it, remember to leave it in the yellow container to recycle it again.

How does Vegan Protein differ from other vegetable protein shakes?

Our philosophy is to find cutting-edge, sustainable and innovative raw materials for our products. We have used white peas as a source of our protein Vegan Protein because they are the most complete and environmentally responsible source of vegetable protein that exists.

What does "protein isolate" mean?

It means that we have separated the protein from the white peas to eliminate their carbohydrates and fats. In this way we are left with a super concentrated protein so that your shake has nutritional values of scandal.

When do I have to consume my Vegan Protein shake?

Whenever you want! If you play sports, it’s highly recommended to use it after training to recover your body after physical exercise. However, our protein is designed so that you can use it when it suits you best: as a dessert, as a quick breakfast or to cook with it.

How many Vegan Protein shakes can I drink per day?

We recommend a balanced and varied diet that includes all kinds of food. You can have more than one Vegan Protein shake a day, but remember not to shift the consumption of other foods to get the most complete diet possible.

Is Vegan Protein Shake a slimming shake?

Our Vegan Protein can be a shake that helps you lose weight since it will keep you satiated / longer and you will have less cravings for unhealthy sweets during the day, but remember that to lose weight you have to take into account your entire diet.

If I do sports, is it better to take Vegan Protein before or after the activity?

We recommend you drink your Vegan Protein shake after training. Its high content of easily digestible and quickly absorbed protein will help you recover quickly and effectively after exercise.

Vanilla flavour ingredients: pea protein isolate (95%), cinnamon powder (1%), emulsifier (soy lecithin), sweeteners (steviol glycosides, sucralose and potassium acesulfame), dye (beta carotene), flavourings and salt Marine.

Chocolate flavour ingredients: pea protein isolate (83.5%), defatted soy lecithinised cocoa powder (10.2%), sweeteners (steviol glycosides, sucralose and acesulfame potassium), flavourings and sea salt.

May contain traces of egg, peanut, nuts, milk, sulphites, sesame and gluten.

Nutritional values per 100g vanilla flavour / chocolate flavour:

  • Energy value: 1746.9kJ (414kcal) / 1659.3kJ (393.3kcal)
  • Fats: 10.1g / 9.1g of which saturated: 2.3g / 2.6g
  • Carbohydrates: 0.7g / 1.8g of which sugars *: 0.5g / 0.3g
  • Proteins: 80g / 75g

* naturally present. Without added sugars.

13 Reviews

Producto maravilloso
Qué descubrimiento! Intolerante a la lactosa, utilizo esta proteína para preparar yogures caseros y con la de vainilla salen increíbles, parecen natillas. Con la de chocolate también salen ricos pero la de vainilla-canela es simplemente espectacular!

Muy alta calidad y buen sabor
Sabor muy bueno, se disuelve muy bien incluso en agua fría! Calidad de la proteína excelente, es una proteína como bien explican completa y con todos los aminoácidos. El sabor vainilla me recuerda a natillas o arroz con leche, me trae recuerdos de cuando era chica

El sabor chocolate es amor!!
No suelen gustarme las proteinas veganas pero el sabor chocolate esta muy logrado! Primera vez que disfruto un batido vegetal de proteina 5 estrellas sin duda! Merecidas

Me llegó el pedido el otro día y ya la he tomado un par de veces. La primera con bebida de avena y me supo demasiado dulce. La segunda solo con agua y aún así, para mi gusto, tiene algo que la hace demasiado dulce. Pedí la de choco y estoy contenta porque es buena, pero personalmente creo que le sobra dulzor. Por eso las 4 estrellas en vez de 5.

He probado varios productos de esta marca y todos son geniales. El sabor y la textura de proteína de chocolate son brutales, y además es muy saciante. Lo recomiendo con bebida de avena. Sin duda tengo que probar la de vainilla.

Muy bien
1a vez que dejo una review en un producto online, pero tras pedirla 3 veces esta proteína se lo merece. El sabor es muy logrado, la disolución es muy fácil y los ingredientes que lleva son saludables para mi y para el planeta. Espero probar más productos de la marca cuando pueda porque este me encanta!

Vegan protein
Gracias por hacer más productos veganos!

ya es mi batido favorito! el de chocolate es muy muy muy top!

Muy buena proteína
Me parece muy buen proteína (sabor e ingredientes)! Tengo que pedir la de chocolate para comparar, pero de momento la de vainilla está muy bien =)

Segunda compra
Segunda vez que pido la vegan protein de chocolate: sabor muy logrado y buenos ingredientes. ojalá saquéis más productos veganos como este!

Estoy muy satisfecho con esta marca por productos como este. Felicidades y seguid así!

Sabe a arroz con leche!
El sabor vainilla me sabe mucho a arroz con leche! Estoy flipando con esta proteína, primera proteína vegana que no sabe a químico! Muy buena!

me ha encantado
por fin una proteina vegana que no sabe a rallos y que no es de soja! me siento con más energía desde que la tomo y me está ayudando a tener una dieta más proteinada. la recomiendo!
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