Countries of delivery

We ship all over Europe. We work every day to deliver our products to other addresses and countries. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram if you want to be the first to know where you can order from next.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs of your order will be calculated once the discount code, if any, has been applied. Shipping costs include handling, packaging, postage and taxes (VAT). Cold shipment is not free of charge.

Shipping to mainland Spain
Order less than 49,99 € - 3,99 €
Order more than 49,99 € - FREE

Shipping to mainland Portugal
Order under 64,99 € - 6,00 €
Order more than 64,99 € - FREE

Shipping to Balearic Islands
Order less than 59,99 € - 9,00 €
Order more than 59,99 € - FREE

Shipping to mainland France (except the island of Corsica)
Order under 64,99 € - 13,00 €
Order more than 64,99 € - FREE

Shipping to the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium
Order less than 69,99 € - 16,55 €
Order more than 69,99 € - FREE

Shipping to Czech Republic, Austria and Poland
Order under 79,99 € - 18,00 €
Order more than 79,99 € - FREE

Shipping to Italy
Order less than 79,99 € - 20,00 €
Order more than 79,99 € - FREE

Shipping to Slovakia, Hungary, Denmark and Slovenia
Order under 99,99 € - 23,00 €
Order more than 99,99 € - FREE

Shipping to Ireland
Order less than 99,99 € - 24,50 €
Order more than 99,99 € - FREE

Shipping to Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden and Estonia
Order under 119,99 € - 32,00 €
Order more than 119,99 € - FREE

Shipping to Romania, Bulgaria and Finland
Order less than 119,99 € - 35,00 €
Order more than 119,99 € - FREE

Shipping to Greece
Order less than 139,99 € - 41,50 €
Order more than 139,99 € - FREE

Shipping to 
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Order less than 149,99 € - 54,00 €
Order more than 149,99 € - FREE

The shipping costs of the order are calculated after applying the discount code, if any. 

Exceptions and cold shipment

During the summer months, it is possible that products susceptible to heat may lose their shape during shipment, although they will not lose their properties. To ensure that the products keep their shape, you can request that your order be shipped REFRIGERATED (mainland Spain) or with a COLD BAG (all other addresses) by adding a small surcharge to your shipping costs. This shipping method protects products that are susceptible to melting.

It is recommended to choose this option when your order includes: Protein Bars, Protein Chocolate, Cocoa Liquor and/or Protein Crunch. If your order does not include any of these items, cold shipment is not necessary. If you do not choose this shipping method for the specified products, Body Genius cannot be held responsible for any damage during transport due to high temperatures.

In addition, in order to reduce package transit times, WE DO NOT SHIP ON FRIDAYS and your order will remain prepared, protected and refrigerated in our facilities until it is shipped.

Cold shipping costs

Shipping to Peninsula REFRIGERATED
Order less than 50 € - 9,99 €
Order more than 50 € - 7,30 €

Shipping to the Balearic Islands with COLD BAGS
Order less than 100 € - 11,99 €
Order more than 100 € - 3,90 € - 4,30 €

Shipping to mainland France with COLD BAG
Order less than €50 - €10.99
Order over 50 € - 4,30 €.

You will be able to select this shipping method when you choose the carrier when you place your order. By selecting this option, once you have received the shipping confirmation message, the package will be delivered before 13:30 the following day.

Delivery address

The delivery of your purchase will always be made from Monday to Friday (non-festive days), except in the case of the REFRIGERATED home delivery service (mainland Spain), in which deliveries are made from Monday to Saturday. If there is usually no one at your place of residence to whom the carrier can deliver the package, we recommend that you indicate a different address on the delivery form.

Many of our customers choose to have their order delivered to their place of work or a trusted business. We recommend that you choose a delivery address that is convenient for you and where you know someone will be present at the time of delivery.

If you would prefer us to deliver your order to the front door of your building or to a trusted neighbour, please leave any instructions the carrier may need in the space provided for notes when you choose your delivery method.

We recommend that you carefully check the details of your delivery address, such as the postcode or telephone number. An incomplete or incorrect shipping address may delay the delivery of your order.

Preparing your order

Once you have placed your order, we will prepare it within 1-2 working days, provided that all the products included in your order are in stock. You will receive an email notification when we are preparing your order. 

*Orders containing at least 1 item on Pre-Order will not be shipped until we have that item in stock. 

In times of sales, discounts or special dates, such as new product launches or Black Friday, it may happen that we take longer than usual to prepare your order to ensure the quality of our service

Sending of your order

Once your order has been prepared, your purchase will be shipped via SEUR. You will receive an email confirming the shipment of your purchase with a tracking link when your order has left our facilities. We recommend that you consult the tracking link to be able to locate it at all times.

It is not uncommon for e-mails from shipping companies to end up in your SPAM folder. Please check your spam folder.

Delivery of your order

The estimated delivery time is:

España (Peninsular): 1 to 2 working days from the dispatch of your order.

España (Balearic Islands): 1 to 2 working days from the dispatch of your order.

France mainland: 2 to 3 working days from the dispatch of your order.

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg: 3 to 4 working days from the dispatch of your order.

Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Sweden: 4 to 5 working days from the dispatch of your order.

Poland, Ireland, Romania: 4 to 6 working days from the dispatch of your order.

Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania: 5 to 6 working days from the dispatch of your order.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia: 6 to 10 working days from the dispatch of your order.

During sales periods or special dates such as Black Friday or around Christmas, delivery times may be longer than usual.

Your order will always be delivered from Monday to Friday (non-festive days). You will receive a notification from SEUR by text message or email indicating the day of delivery with a link where you can check the status of the shipment.

If you are unable to receive your purchase at the time of delivery, you will receive a second notification from SEUR indicating a new date for a second delivery attempt. If you are unable to receive your order on the second delivery attempt, SEUR will leave your order at a nearby collection point, so that you can pick it up within 7 days.

Reviewing your purchase

We recommend that you check your purchase once it has been delivered. If there is any error in your order, please let us know by writing to our customer service team at so that we can help you.

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