Protein Bar Coconut
Protein Bar Coconut
Protein Bar Coconut
Protein Bar Coconut
Protein Bar Coconut
Protein Bar Coconut
Protein Bar Coconut
Protein Bar Coconut
Protein Bar Coconut
Protein Bar Coconut
Protein Bar Coconut

Protein Bar Coconut

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So special that you can add it to your diet without worrying. It’s designed to treat you mid-morning, as a snack, as a dessert or to recover after training. Its high content of professional quality Whey Isolate protein promotes optimal recovery after physical exercise.

  • High in top quality protein
  • No added sugar
  • Reduced in carbohydrates
  • Without palm oil

Box of 13 bars of  40g


Keto Keto
Vegetarian Vegetarian
Packs de descuento
2 unidades
24.54€/unidad Total: 49.08€
3 unidades
24.04€/unidad Total: 72.12€

What makes it unique

The comparisons are hateful
Our protein bars Dietary bars
High in protein and no added sugar Sugar pump and sugar syrups
 Squishy texture covered in crispy chocolate Hard texture hard to eat
With natural flavours and without palm oil With palm oil and artificial flavours

For those sinful peckish moments.

Let's be honest, sometimes you want a sweet! For those moments of weakness, we have created these bars that have nothing to do with the ones you will find in the supermarket. They are higher in protein, with no added sugars and reduced in calories and carbohydrates.

Designed to enjoy.

On the inside, its texture is soft as a cloud and, on the outside, it’s covered in crispy chocolate with no added sugars. You can put them for a few seconds in the microwave to melt the chocolate or store them in the fridge during the summer to have a sweet always at hand.

With professional quality protein.

Protein bars often contain large amounts of sugar and low-quality protein. Our bars are just the opposite: no added sugar and CFM quality whey protein, the only one with a process that doesn’t denature the protein to preserve its full quality.

Coconut flavour:

Chocolate and coconut bar with fibre. WITH SWEETENERS.

Ingredientes: Milk protein isolate, dark chocolate coating (25%) [cocoa mass, maize soluble fibre, cocoa butter, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), flavouring and sweetener (steviol glycosides). Cocoa: 72% minimum], tapioca soluble fibre (14%), maize soluble fibre (14%), Butter, water, cocoa butter, shredded desiccated coconut (1.2%), liquid preparation with preservatives (water, E-200, E-202), flavourings, sea salt, sweeteners (sucralose, steviol glycoside). Total fibre content: 31%.

It may contain traces of egg, peanut, shell fruits, sesame, gluten, and lupin.

Nutrition declaration (average values)
Per  100g Per bar (40 g)
Energy      1596 kJ (386 kcal)    638 kJ (154 kcal)
Fat 24 g 9,6 g
of which saturates       15 g 6,1 g
Carbohydrate 2,9 g 1,1 g
of which sugars 1,1 g 0,4 g
Fibre 31 g 12 g
Protein 24 g 9,4 g
Salt 0,33 g 0,13 g


FAQs Don’t hesitate to ask

The bars you can find in supermarkets are loaded with added sugars, palm oil, and low-quality protein. Our alternative doesn’t contain added sugar or palm oil and we use the same professional quality CFM protein that we use in our Lean Protein shakes to make it. 

It means that we have separated the protein from milk to eliminate its carbohydrates, sugars, lactose and fats. We have achieved this naturally and without chemicals thanks to the Cross Flow Microfiltration (CFM) process.

They are ideal to enjoy as a whim in those moments of weakness. You will have on hand a delicious, soft and sugar-free chocolate-coated bar that is highly satiating and has better nutritional values than any other sweet.

If you train occasionally, they are ideal for recovery after training, but if you are serious and want a more complete and professional quality post-workout, we recommend our protein shakes after training. You can enjoy the bars at any time.

Each box contains 13 bars of the same flavour.

Only during the summer months we recommend keeping them in the fridge for better conservation. The rest of the year, it’s only necessary to store them in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight.

OPINIONES Y tú, ¿qué opinas?
Las mejores que he probado las de frutos rojos y chocolate! Están buenísimas!!
Las de chocolate están buenísimas, nada pesadas y sacan un montón. Las de coco las acabo de probar, y bueno, por los comentarios esperaba mucho más, el primer bocado raro, luego un poco mejor. Sin dudar me quedo con las de chocolate
Las mejores barritas que probado
He probado un monton de barritas y nunca me gustaron, pues estas estan buenisimas, he probado las de choco y me recuerdan al mars. Tengo q probar las otras tambien, volvere a pedirlas sin dudarlo.
Muy buenas. Una al día
He probado las de chocolate y las vuelvo a pedir porque me encantan.
Muy buenas.
He probado las de frutos rojos.
Buenísimas. Muy saciantes, el chocolate estupendo. Perfectas para picar entre horas.
En la próxima compra probaré las de chocolate y las de coco.

Me encantan.
Es la primera vez que las pruebo y compré las de coco. No son las típicas barritas pastosas y densas. Por fuera el chocolate es crujiente y el interior tiene una textura muy peculiar que me encanta!!! Y el sabor genial. En el próximo pedido pruebo los otros sabores que hay!
Muy buenas
Están riquísimas las de chocolate. Con ganas de probar las de coco
Tras leer varias opiniones no sabía muy bien cuales elegir. Me decanté por las de chocolate y han superado mis expectativas. Saciantes y buenísimas. Pero lo mejor es que no es la textura esa pegajosa y que cuesta comer como otras. Ya estoy pensando ahora coger las de coco... y tener siempre la despensa llenas! Buenísimas enserio!
Las probé pensando que serían como cualquier otra barrita, pero las necesitaba para poder picar algo alto en proteína en el trabajo. Me han sorprendido gratamente, son tal y como describen, muy blanditas y el chocolate crujientito. Este Black Friday he pedido 6 cajas para que me duren un tiempo, vale la pena pagar un poco más por calidad!
Son mi nueva adicción, genial para la universidad. Ya no compro nada de la máquina, menos azúcares y más bueno!
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