Happy Bar Hazelnut
Happy Bar Hazelnut
Happy Bar Hazelnut
Happy Bar Hazelnut
Happy Bar Hazelnut
Happy Bar Hazelnut
Happy Bar Hazelnut

Happy Bar Hazelnut

Treat yourself to a Happy Moment with Happy Bar hazelnut bars, ideal for your well-deserved break.

Packed with energy with dates, hazelnut paste, pea protein isolate and cocoa.
Delicious gourmet taste.

  • Perfect as a snack between meals.
  • Enriched with pea protein and cocoa powder.
  • Healthy fats and fibre from nuts.

35g bars.

Keto Keto
Vegetarian Vegetarian
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Packs de descuento
2 unidades
23.27€/unidad Total: 46.54€
3 unidades
22.79€/unidad Total: 68.37€

What makes them unique

The comparisons are hateful
Our bars Other bars on the market
With dates and hazelnuts for an exceptional taste, without the need for artificial flavourings. SuUse of artificial ingredients and preservatives.
High in healthy fats and fibre due to the hazelnut content. Stands out in the market by offering complete and balanced nutrition.
Made from peas, a source of complete protein. Made with other protein sources lacking in amino acids.
The sweet taste comes from the date, which also provides extra fibre. An irresistible option, with no remorse. Excessive, unhealthy added sugars.
We like being transparent because less is more
Date paste (63%), roasted Hazelnut paste (25%), pea protein isolate (10%) and cocoa (2%).


Satisfaction without Guilt.

Sometimes, we simply want to satisfy our craving for something sweet. For those moments of weakness, we've created our irresistible bars. Unlike conventional options, these bars are richer in protein, with no added sugars. They allow you to enjoy a delicious snack without the guilt.

A Sensory Experience.

Enjoy your well-deserved break with Happy Moment almond bars: gourmet bars that combine dates, almond paste and pea protein isolate to energise you.
Perfect for snacking, they provide high quality protein and healthy fats. A delicious treat at any time of the day.

Professional Quality Protein.

Protein bars often sacrifice taste and quality ingredients. Our bars are different. They contain no added sugars and are enriched with pea protein isolate. Enjoy indulgence without remorse.

Date bar with hazelnut, pea protein isolate and cocoa.

Ingredients: Date paste (63%), roasted Hazelnut paste (25%), pea  protein isolate (10%) and cocoa (2%).

It may contain traces of egg, peanut, other shell nuts, milk, soy, sesame, gluten, and lupin.

Nutrition declaration (average values)
Per  100g Per bar (35 g)
Energy      1879 kJ (449 kcal)      658 kJ (157 kcal)
Fat 19 g 6,6 g
of which saturates    2,1 g 0,7 g
Carbohydrate 50 g 18 g
of which sugars 39 g 14 g
Fibre 11 g 3,8 g
Protein 14 g 4,9 g
Salt 0,81 g 0,28 g


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