Low-calorie peanut butter

Low-calorie peanut butter

Low-calorie Peanut Butter! A much-requested recipe: how to make low-calorie peanut butter with our Peanut Powder.

Why can we obtain this low-calorie peanut butter with Peanut Powder? Because during the production of this flour we have extracted the majority of the fats from the peanut, without altering its benefits, and we have thus ensured that its contribution in protein and fibre increases considerably, as well as filling us up for more time. 

That’s why this low-calorie peanut butter is ideal for recovery after physical exercise or to complement your low-calorie snacks spread on taste, covering fruit or mixing it with yoghurts and smoothies.

Once prepared, it will keep in the fridge a whole week in a well-sealed container.

3 spoonfuls of water 

1 spoonful of Peanut Powder

To make the low-calorie peanut butter you just have to mix water with Peanut Powder. Stir until the texture is uniform and it’s ready to enjoy!

We like mixing this proportion because the result is an extra-creamy texture similar to that of our smooth Peanut Butter, but you can try it out until finding your perfect proportion.

Be creative: you can also make it with a veggie drink, adding yoghurt, cacao powder, sweeteners or even a spoonful of another nut butter. Don’t be shy!

Defatted peanut powder is a gluten-free and low-calorie ingredient, obtained thanks to the cold press technique, extracting a large part of the fats from our peanuts, without altering their benefits, and turning them into a tasty flour perfect for cooking any type of recipe.

Are peanut fats harmful, though? Not at all! Peanut fats are natural and healthy fats. We have not created this defatted peanut flour because peanut fats are not very healthy, but to give you more options in the kitchen while enjoying the full flavour of our exceptional peanuts. 

Peanuts are also one of the legumes with most protein, making them an incredible source of energy. That’s why they are highly recommendable for having at breakfast, for athletes, in low carb vegetarian diets because it is a great source of protein that also provides vitamins and minerals such as zinc, calcium and iron, among other benefits.

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