At Body Genius we have always been committed to taking care of your health through food. But, we are also committed to taking care of the health of our planet. 


We keep what we promise

Sustainable packages

Change in packaging material

We use 100% recycled PET packaging. Differentiated by the white label on the top.

Close the cycle and reuse it at home

Our packages are designed to be reused at home: they are great for the larder! If you are not going to use them, place them in the yellow container to give them a new life.

Sustainable packages

Change in packaging material

In 2020 we eliminated bubble paper in our services, replacing it with recycled paper. In 2021 we incorporated sustainable materials such as new FSC recycled cardboard boxes.

Deliveries neutral in carbon

Since 2020 we have worked only with transport suppliers who compensate the carbon footprint in sending our orders. And we continue working in ways of reducing our footprint!


Don’t hesitate to ask

What does 100% sustainable PET mean?

PET is the most-used plastic material on the planet. However, our packages are not just PET, but recycled PET. Recycled PET is obtained after recycling goods (above all packaging) made with PET.

The advantage of PET compared to other materials is that it is 100% recyclable, so that it can have an eternal lifespan, making it a highly sustainable material.

By using recycled PET we are participating in the circular economy. We give new life to existing materials, we eliminate waste and take the utmost advantage of resources we already have instead or using raw materials.

What percentage is really recycled PET?

100%. We love this question because we often see recycled packaging that does not indicate the % of recycled material it contains.

Our packages are 100% recycled PET!

Why PET and not glass? Is it more economic?

100% recycled PET is not at all economic. In fact, glass is one of the most economic materials. However, its transport results in more emissions and its recycling consumes more energy.

This graphic by ECOCHAIN compares the environmental impact per kilo of glass and different types of PET. At first sight, it seems that the impact of the glass packages and the 100% recycled PET ones is similar.

Sin embargo, mira qué ocurre al añadir el impacto del transporte por cada envase. El alto peso del vidrio hace que las emisiones por el transporte puedan ser +40 veces las del PET 100% reciclado! 

Hemos elegido el PET 100% reciclado porque es la solución más eficiente para nuestro modelo e-commerce, en el que enviamos todos los pedidos a vuestros hogares y el impacto del transporte es crucial. 


How can I reuse the packages?

WE have got the best ideas from our clients! Since we launched Body Genius, they have sent us photos of how to reuse the packages at home.

The most popular are in the kitchen or larder, but we’ll tell you a few more:

  • Keeping samples of creams and perfumes.
  • As a pot. Planting some seeds in it.
  • Tupperware for taking a salad to the office.
  • Keeping office material and cables.
  • Fill it with homemade biscuits as a gift.
  • Keep your children’s small toys.
  • Or simply recycle them in the yellow container to give them another life.

Has the use of this material increased the final price of the products?

No, although our costs have increased, we think it would be unfair to raise the price. The purpose of this change is that we all consume in a better way.

How do I know if the jars I have ordered are recycled?

If they have the new white sticker, then they are 100% recycled PETA jars.

How can the labels on the jars be easily removed?

Below we leave you with the best tip to remove the label easily: pass the hairdryer over the label for a minute. It comes off on its own!

Does shopping in an actual shop contaminate less?

This ECOCHAIN graph compares the environmental impact per kilo of glass and different types of PET. At first glance, it seems that the impact of glass containers and those of 100% recycled PET are similar. 


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