Choco Rocks Dark + Coconut
Choco Rocks Dark + Coconut
Choco Rocks Dark + Coconut
Choco Rocks Dark + Coconut
Choco Rocks Dark + Coconut

Choco Rocks Dark + Coconut

An exquisite treat for your senses: coconut rocks in dark chocolate are the ideal choice for those seeking a balance of nutritious and delicious, with protein, fibre and exquisite flavour in every bite.

  • High in protein and fibre
  • With desiccated coconut
  • With almonds
  • With crunchy toasted soya flakes and soya protein
  • Made with chocolate with no added sugar
  • Perfect as a snack between meals.
  • Exquisite gourmet taste.
  • Temptation in a bite.

Recycled package of 300 g


Keto Keto
Vegan Vegan
Vegetarian Vegetarian
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Why to choose it?

The comparisons are hateful
CHOCOLATE ROCKS VS SNACKS                                       The sweets of a lifetime
With 32 g protein Carbohydrate and sugar bomb
Natural ingredients Natural ingredients (Industrial ultra-prepared)
Significant amounts of preservatives and flavourings.

CHOCOLATE ROCKS VS MUESLI Conventional supermarket muesli
With 32 g protein Carbohydrate and sugar bomb
Natural ingredients It's more of a treat than a breakfast

CHOCOLATE ROCKS VS GRANOLA Conventional supermarket granola
Chocolate with no added sugars No added sugars
Perfect way to start the day With fats and palm oil


Discover Body Genius Rocks: An Artisanal and Healthy Snack.

At Body Genius, we create our Rocks with an artisanal approach, making them on demand and in small batches to guarantee the quality of the raw material and the final result. They are much more than an ordinary snack.

The Low Sugar Protein Snack You Need.

Our Rocks are the perfect solution for those healthy snacking moments when you want a low-sugar sweet treat. Inspired by traditional baking, these Chocolate Covered Nut Rocks are innovative, high in protein and fibre, and low in sugar.

A Quick and Nutritious Breakfast.

Thought you needed to get up early to enjoy a healthy breakfast? At Body Genius, we've created Muesli Rocks, a complete and ready-to-go alternative in just one minute. They are rich in fibre and protein, providing satiety for the whole morning. The taste is amazing, with crunchy toasted soya flakes, chocolate-covered soya protein, almonds and dried fruit. Forget the typical sugar- and honey-laden granola, and choose an option that takes care of your health.

Dark chocolate rocks with fruit mix protein muesli and coconut. With sweeteners.

Ingredients: Protein Muesli fuit mix Body Genius (63%) [roasted Soy flakes (50%), extruded Soy protein isolate (28%), cocoa mass (14%), dehydrated coconut flakes (2%), roasted Almond (2%), dried cranberry (1.7%) (cranberry, apple juice concentrate, sunflower oil), freeze-dried raspberry (1.2%) and freeze-dried strawberry (1.2%)], dark chocolate (31%) (cocoa mass, sweeteners (erythritol, steviol glycosides), cocoa butter, inulin, defatted cocoa powder, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin) and vanilla flavouring. Cocoa 60% minimum], cocoa butter, dehydrated coconut (1%), flavouring and sweetener (steviol glycosides).

It may contain traces of egg, peanut, other shell nut, milk, sesame, gluten, and lupin.

Nutrition declaration per 100g (average values)
2020 kJ (486 kcal)
Fat 31 g (of which saturated: 16 g)
Carbohydrate       18 g (of which sugars: 3,8 g)
 (of which polyols: 9,2 g)
Fibre 11 g
Protein 32 g
Salt 0,53 g


Use Protein Muesli just as you would conventional muesli. The most common and simplest ways of eating it are:

  • On top of yoghurt. Better if it is Greek and sugar-free, for an extra dose of protein and healthy fats.
  • With milk or any veggie drink, to give it a sweeter touch.
  • Mixed with fruit, to give it a crunchy touch.

Also, keep trying new options! Use it in baking to make biscuits, energy bars, cakes, etc., in smoothies or even in salads.

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