100% nut butters pack
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100% nut butters pack
100% nut butters pack
100% nut butters pack

100% nut butters pack

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A delicious cream of 100% carefully selected, toasted and crushed nuts with a smooth and ultra-creamy texture.

  • Hand made
  • Naturally high in protein
  • No salt and no added sugar
  • Without palm oil

300g reusable container

Keto Keto
Paleo Paleo
Lactose free Lactose free
Dairy free Dairy free
Vegan Vegan
Vegetarian Vegetarian

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The comparisons are hateful
Our cream Conventional creams
 Totally natural and handmade  Unhealthy ultra-processed and industrial 
 Made with nuts of exceptional quality  Made with low-quality nuts
 Sugar-free, salt-free and oil-free  With salt, sugar or hydrogenated oils

Made with only nuts, finally a realfooder cream!

Nuts are a dried fruit rich in protein, fibre, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. We use over 1,200 gently roasted nuts to make a pound of our delicious nut butter.

It’s the perfect healthy topping for your sweet tooth breakfasts and snacks. Ideal to dip with fruit or cut vegetables, to spread on toast or as a sauce with both sweet and savoury. Being free from sugars, sweeteners or salt, it’s perfect for all kinds of recipes.

It’s absurdly delicious.

It’s soft, naturally sweet and gives the perfect touch to the healthiest breakfasts and snacks. Its extra creamy texture is perfect to use as a topping or as part of more elaborate recipes. We love it combined with our Protein Pancakes or Protein Chocolate Flan, it’s the perfect complement!

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Genial regalo
Lo regalé para una amiga y me dijo que volvió a comprarlas, me parece un regaló buenisimo para cualquier persona que se cuide o que no se cuide aun y quiera descubrir que se puede comer sano y rico a la vez
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SUSTAINABILITY We are concerned about your health and our planet Find out more
100% Recycled Pet
100% recycled PET packaging

100% recycled PET packaging

Today, the iconic Body Genius packages are made with 100% recycled PET. This material forms part of the circular economy model and is made without the use of new raw materials, with purified materials that are more sustainable for the planet. Its transformation is highly efficient, because it consumes less energy and produces less CO2 emissions than transforming glass.

Reuse or recycle it

Reuse or recycle it

The Body Genius packages are too pretty to throw away. We want you to give them a second life at home! Reusing them will be closing the cycle of their materials. Our packages are great for keeping food in the larder, homemade soups in the fridge or for storing office materials. If you are not planning on reusing it, remember to throw it away in the yellow container for recycling.

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