Oat Cream Chocolate
Oat Cream Chocolate
Oat Cream Chocolate
Oat Cream Chocolate
Oat Cream Chocolate
Oat Cream Chocolate
Oat Cream Chocolate
Oat Cream Chocolate
Oat Cream Chocolate

Oat Cream Chocolate

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Get ready for Chocolate Oatmeal Cream that changes everything!  This gem combines gluten-free oat flakes, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), date powder, cocoa powder and sea salt. The best part? It's gluten-free. 

  • A shot of fibre to make you feel great
  • AOVE and cocoa powder, a powerful combo.
  • Goodbye gluten
  • AOVE replaces saturated fats

Jar of 270 g 

Vegetarian Vegetarian
Sweetened with dates Sweetened with dates
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2 unidades
9.6€/unidad Total: 19.2€
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9.41€/unidad Total: 28.23€

Why makes it special?

The comparisons are hateful
Our Oatmeal Chocolate Cream Other creams
Non-allergenic raw materials Allergenic raw materials
High fibre content Low fibre content (7%/0.5%)
Low saturated fat content High saturated fat content (5%/11%)
 Powerful antioxidant effects EVOO + cocoa Almost no antioxidant effects
With date ARefined sugar
Ingredientes reales Refined ingredients
We like being transparent because less is more

 “Gluten free” ground oat flakes (44.5%), extra virgin olive oil, date powder, cocoa powder (7%) and sea salt.


Discover the Healthy Cream that will revolutionise your diet: Flavour and Health in a single jar!

Can you imagine a cream that is as delicious as it is healthy? Here it is! Our incredible Oat Cream Chocolate is made with love and the best ingredients: gluten-free oat flakes, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), dates, cocoa and a touch of sea salt. It's a real healthy treat!

More Flavour, Less Guilt!

With its low proportion of saturated fats, it allows you to enjoy it without remorse. Plus, it's a source of fibre that helps you stay in shape. And best of all, it's suitable for coeliacs! So you can spread it on toast, mix it with fruit or simply eat it straight from the jar - fun and flavour come together in every bite!

Differentiate yourself and surprise your senses!

Why settle for ordinary? Our Healthy Cream is different from the rest in every way. You won't find gluten, milk, nuts or peanuts in its ingredients. And while other creams use saturated palm fats, we chose EVOO to give you a healthier lipid profile - it's a premium product!

So what are you waiting for? Discover a world of flavour and health in every jar of our Healthy Cream - it's time to enjoy and take care of yourself at the same time!

Crushed oat flakes "gluten free" spread with cocoa.

Ingredients: “Gluten free” ground oat flakes (44.5%), extra virgin olive oil, date powder, cocoa powder (7%) and sea salt.

It may contain traces of other nuts, peanut, egg, soy, milk and sesame.

Nutrition declaration (average values) per 100g:
Energy 2264 kJ (544 kcal)
Fat 36 g (of which saturates: 5,8 g)
44 g (of which sugars: 16 g)
Fibre 8,1 g
Protein 7,1 g
Salt 0,56 g


100% recycled PET packaging. 

The iconic Body Genius packaging is now made with 100% recycled PET. This material forms part of the circular economy model and is made without the use of new raw materials, but with purified materials that are more sustainable for the planet. Its transformation is highly efficient, because it consumes less energy and produces less CO2 emissions than the transformation of glass.

Reuse it or recycle it. 

The Body Genius packages are too pretty to throw away. We want you to give them a second life at home! By reusing them, you will be closing the cycle of their materials. Our packages are great for keeping food in the larder, homemade soups in the fridge or storing office material.

If you are not considering reusing it, remember to leave it in the yellow container to recycle it again.

Eat it on its own, spread it on toast or pancakes, or as a topping for sweet and savoury dishes.

FAQs Don’t hesitate to ask

This cream is low in saturated fats thanks to its careful formulation that excludes common ingredients such as palm fats, replacing them with healthier alternatives such as EVOO and dates.

It is the first cream made with oat flakes and uses high quality ingredients such as AOVE and extra cocoa powder providing antioxidant benefits, antioxidant benefits and an optimal lipid profile.

Yes, you can enjoy this healthy cream every day as part of a balanced diet as it is designed to be a nutritious choice. It is high in fibre and low in saturated fat, making it suitable for regular consumption as a healthy breakfast, snack or dessert.

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