Peanut and salted caramel cream
Peanut and salted caramel cream - Body Genius
Peanut and salted caramel cream - Body Genius
Peanut and salted caramel cream - Body Genius
Peanut and salted caramel cream - Body Genius
Peanut and salted caramel cream - Body Genius
Peanut and salted caramel cream - Body Genius
Peanut and salted caramel cream - Body Genius
Peanut and salted caramel cream - Body Genius
Peanut and salted caramel cream - Body Genius
Peanut and salted caramel cream - Body Genius

Peanut and salted caramel cream

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Peanut Caramel is a cream with 98% peanut and salted caramel flavour. Like all our flavoured creams, its formula contains 98% peanut and the texture is extra-mega-creamy.

  • Free of sugars and polyols
  • Palm oil free
  • Free from colouring agents
  • Suitable for vegan diets
  • Suitable for keto diets

300g reusable container

Keto Keto
Vegan Vegan
Vegetarian Vegetarian
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Why is it unique?

The comparisons are hateful
peanut caramel body genius peanut caramel body genius
Peanut Caramel Conventional salted caramel creams
 With 98% peanuts  High percentage of maltitol and sweeteners
 Without sugars or polyalcohols  Refined fats added
 Vegan, natural and traditionally made  Extra-processed industrial
We like being transparent because less is more
Peeled toasted Peanut butter (93%), Peanut oil (6%), marine salt (0,5%), aroma and sweeteners (sucralose, steviol glucosides).

98% peanut and just a pinch of salt 

We know that a good cream can only be made with good ingredients, which is why our cream with caramel flavour contains 98% peanut and a pinch of marine salt that gives it an irresistible flavour of salted caramel. If you already know about salted caramel, you’ll certainly agree with us when we say that it is other-worldly and, if you haven’t tried it, believe us, take this opportunity because it will amaze you! 

Surprising contrast, without sugar or polyalcohols 

An irresistible flavour, and the secret? The combination of a touch of salt and a creamy and sweet base of peanut without sugar or polyalcohols. Polyalcohol sweeteners may alter the intestinal microbiota and cause discomfort and digestive problems. This is why we have sweetened our salted caramel cream with sweeteners that do not cause any type of discomfort.

Extra-creamy texture without added fats 

Like all our creams, Peanut Caramel has an extremely creamy texture. We constantly grind our peanuts for more than 24 hours in order to obtain a particularly smooth and delicate texture, without added fats. That is why it is ideal to use in all types of recipes or as topping to give them an irresistible salty contrast. Carry on amazing yourself without giving up healthy eating!

Peeled toasted peanut butter with salted caramel flavour. With sweeteners.

Peeled toasted Peanut butter (93%), Peanut oil (6%), marine salt (0,5%), aroma and sweeteners (sucralose, steviol glucosides).

It may contain traces of nuts, milk, soy, gluten, egg, sesame and lupine.

Nutrition declaration per 100g (average values):
2649 kJ (640 kcal)
Fat 52 g (of which saturates: 7.2g)
Carbohydrate 15 g (of which sugars: 3.5 g)
Fibre 7.8g
Protein 24g
Salt 0,52g


Our Peanut Caramel spread is perfect for adding to any type of dessert, breakfast or snack. Thanks to its healthy ingredients and without added sugars or palm oil, it is a perfect spread for continuing to take care of yourself while enjoying the best nutrition. 

Here are 10 delicious combinations:

Add it to a bowl of chopped fruit.

2. Brilliant for mixing with yoghurts.

3. Include it in your healthiest recipes.

4. We love it on a nice piece of toast.

5. Freeze it in cubes to make sweets.

6. Perfect as topping on your breakfasts.

7. Combines brilliantly with banana.

8. Add dates and protein to make protein balls.

9. Just perfect in your smoothies.

10. Visit our Instagram for more.

FAQs Don’t hesitate to ask

We believe that a good peanut spread needs healthy ingredients, and that is how we have made it! Nevertheless, not everyone thinks like us, and you will be surprised to see that the spreads of other brands contain a greater amount of sugar, polyalcohol sweeteners and refined oils than peanuts.

Totally! The fats our cream contains come directly from the 98% peanut that we use. The majority of these fats are monounsaturated, so they take care of the cardiovascular system and help control the levels of cholesterol, as well as insulin, the hormone that regulates the levels of glucose in the blood.

Our Peanut Caramel spread is sweet without being as sickly sweet as other spreads. We have been able to sweeten it using less than 1% of extract of stevia and sucralose, two sweeteners that do not have the negative effects of the polyalcohol sweeteners.

To conserve it best we recommend you keep your Peanut Caramel spread in the fridge only during the summer months. The rest of the year, we advise you to keep it in a fresh and dry spot, away from sources of heat and sunlight.

Of course! Our Peanut Caramel spread is suitable for all the family as well as being a great alternative to the ultra-processed spreads of the supermarket. The kiddies just love it and the not so young too!

Our Peanut Caramel spread is made with natural and healthy ingredients that you can eat whenever you want. Remember that a healthy diet is a varied diet, so we recommend including all the different food groups every day.

OPINIONES Y tú, ¿qué opinas?
Todas las cremas que hemos probado son buenas, pero esta es nuestra preferida, está increíble.
C'est mon premier achat avec Body Genius et je suis vraiment surprise! le beurre de cacahuète et caramel est vraiment un délice.
De las mejores!
He probado todas las cremas de mybodygenius y hasta repetido con alguna. Pero esta está en mi top3 sin duda! nada empalagosa, en su punto justo! Enhorabuena
Alguien me puede explicar esta fantasía de crema???? Ufff, está buenísima!! Que se quede en stock por favor
Esta brutal, textura súper suave, sabor inmenso, genial para quitarte los antojos dulces, sin dudar mi preferida.
La mejor que he probado
Me encanta la marca, he probado todas sus cremas y son fantásticas, pero esta es otro nivel!
Es un 10! Sin más
Puro vicio
Para mí, ¡LA MEJOR CREMA DE BODYGENIUS! Estoy enamorada de Peanut Cinnamon y de Peanut Cocoa, pero ésta se lleva la palma... Es puro vicio, está tremendamente deliciosa. Por favor, ¡¡¡que se quede siempre en stock!!!
Como todas las cremas de MyBodyGenius, espectacular. La textura increíble y el sabor es tan suave y especial. Excelente.
Esta buenísima, la he recibido hoy, la he probado y madre mía!!! Es exquisita, ahora me arrepiento de haber pedido solo 1
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