Batido de cacao soluble
Batido de cacao soluble
Batido de cacao soluble
Batido de cacao soluble
Batido de cacao soluble
Batido de cacao soluble
Batido de cacao soluble
Batido de cacao soluble
Batido de cacao soluble
Batido de cacao soluble
Batido de cacao soluble

Batido de cacao soluble

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Soluble cacao smoothie, sweetened with dates and suitable for all the family. The healthy cacao smoothie that you’ll want even the youngest at home to enjoy.

  • Sweetened with dates
  • Suitable for the youngest in the family
  • Without sweeteners or additives 
  • Vegan and realfood

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Vegan Vegan
Vegetarian Vegetarian
Sweetened with dates Sweetened with dates
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Cacao Smoothie Other industrial smoothies
 Sweet and delicious cocoa milkshake  Sweet and delicious cocoa milkshake
 Optimum energy and nutritional content  Poor nutritional content
 Sweetened with the super power of dates   Refined sugar bomb and/or artificial sweeteners
 Perfect way to start the day   More like sweets than a breakfast

The alternative you are looking for.

Unlike conventional chocolate smoothies, the main ingredient of our chocolate smoothie is indeed cacao. Moreover, in our formula we reduce by 80% the amount of sugars compared to industrial cacao smoothies thanks to the super power of dates, a perfect source of energy to start the day.

Mixing Cacao Smoothie with milk or veggie drink will not only give you a delicious and energy-filled drink, but it will also be rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins. That is why it is the healthy cacao smoothie that you’ll want even the youngest members of the family to enjoy.

Ingredients suitable for all the family.

Our recipe is no secret because it is so simple: cacao, maize, oatmeal, dates, hazelnut, aroma, sunflower lecithin and salt.

We have focused on using natural and healthy ingredients to achieve an optimum nutritional content for breakfast. And we have done it. At last, a cacao smoothie that youngsters like as much as grown-ups

Sweetened with dates and without sweeteners.

Enjoying a chocolate-flavoured drink that we like so much is possible thanks to the sweetening power of dates. So why dates? Because they are a natural sweetener that do not only provide a delicious sweet touch, but are also an important source of fibre and rich in minerals. This makes them an excellent option for limiting the amount of sugars we eat daily, and ideal for including them in an energy-filled breakfast for all the family.

Food preparation based on cocoa, date powder, hazelnut and soluble fibre to be dissolved in milk or vegetable drink.

Ingredients: Defatted cocoa powder (24%), soluble corn fibre (22%), Oatmeal, powdered dates (21%), Hazelnut paste (9%), aromas, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin) and salt.

May contain traces of egg, peanut, other shell nuts, soy, milk, sesame, gluten and lupine.

Nutritional information per 100g
(average values):
Per 100 g 150g soy drink +
20 g product (*)
% IR (**)
Energy  1492 kJ (358 kcal) 523 kJ (125 kcal) 6% (6%)
Fat 11 g (of which saturates: 2,5 g)      4,8 g (of which saturates: 0,9 g)
      7% (5%)
Carbohydrate       41 g (of which sugars: 15  g) 9,6 g (of which sugars: 4,0 g)
4% (4%)
Fibre 30 g 6,7 g -
Protein 9,3 g 7,3 g 15%
Salt 0,53 g 0,21 g 4%

(*) 1 serving is equivalent to a heaping tablespoon (20 g) of SMOOTHIE MIX. Number of servings per container: 20.

(**) Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal).

To obtain a chocolate drink with Cacao Smoothie:

1. Place 1 soupspoon of CACAO SMOOTHIE in a glass with a little milk or veggie drink.

2. Stir until obtaining a paste.

3. Add the rest of the drink until the glass is full.

It is perfect for accompanying children’s breakfasts or afternoon snacks, and for grown-ups too. For example, you can have it with some delicious toast spread with dried fruits cream, fruit or yogurt with toppings.

FAQs Don’t hesitate to ask

All the ingredients of Cacao Smoothie are natural and with an optimum nutritional content. It is made mainly from cacao, as well as other natural ingredients such as oatmeal, hazelnuts and dates, rich in good-quality carbohydrates and fibre. This makes it a better choice compared to the conventional versions. 

Nevertheless, you should consider that, in a balanced and healthy diet, you should control the consumption of added sugars, whether of natural origin or not, to a limited amount in your everyday eating habits.

This smoothie is made with 100% natural ingredients and suitable for the youngest in the family. Children will love this drink because it is chocolate-flavoured, and adults too because it is a much healthier option than the usual smoothie, thanks to its sugar content being 4 times lower. Take into account that it is important that Cacao Smoothie is included in a varied and balanced diet to help in children’s growth.

You should be aware that, in a balanced and healthy diet, you must control the consumption of added sugars, even if they are of a natural origin, to a limited amount in your day-to-day eating habits. You can drink Cacao Smoothie every day if you do not surpass the amount of the daily recommended added sugar intake.

Dates are an exotic fruit much used for desserts and cake making because they do not only possess a great sweetening power, but also provide many benefits for our organism. That is why they are a perfect alternative to refined sugars, which have no nutritional benefit.

Yes, it is! Mix Cacao Smoothie with veggie drink to enjoy a 100% natural vegan cacao smoothie.

OPINIONES Y tú, ¿qué opinas?
El mejor cacao soluble del mundo
Para nosotros es el mejor de lejos. Por fin un cacao soluble natural y sano
Nos ha encantado a todos!! Por fin un colacao saludable en el mercado
Tremendamente bueno!
Lo compre por mis hijas y lo tomamos todos en familia,es espectacular,sabroso,diría que adictivo en el buen sentido
Aprobado por mis hijos! Hurra!!!!
Hicimos la prueba en casa de dar el cambiazo del que usamos normalmente por este y a mis hijos les he encantado. Ahora usamos este cada día sabiendo que nos estamos cuidando, totalmente recomendable y un acierto
Acabo de recibirlo y me gusta mas que colacao! No me lo esperaba para nada… me he tomado doble hoy! Genial invento y super healthy!!
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